Elora Concrete Safe Remover is an easy way to remove old concrete or to clean concrete from your bricks, pavers or tiles. Elora CSR is a substitute to traditionally harsh and toxic HCL. Elora CSR is an Organic Acid Salt that also incorporates specially developed surfactants and Rust inhibitors.

Elora CSR is a mildly corrosive formula to the skin, but attacks concrete with gusto. It’s prime reaction is to attack concrete on direct contact, once Elora CSR is in contact, simply wait 10mins and wash away. For more stubborn concrete, use a brush to knock back the concrete and allow Elora CSR to keep reacting with the different layers of Concrete.

Elora CSR is the perfect formulation to help clean and remove concrete and mortar from Bricks, Pavers or Tiles. It attacks only the concrete and specifically reacts with the concrete to dissolve it so you can simply wash it away. Naturally, the older the concrete and mortar, sometimes it needs a brush to loose the top layers so the solution can keep working on the layers below.


Elora CSR has been developed over 25 years. It’s specifically designed to attack the elements of concrete that make it a stubborn and difficult product to remove. Elora CSR is a superior product to HCL as it is much safer to use.

Obviously concrete sets hard! But it also has layers, and as Elora CSR works, it breaks down the layers and allows Elora CSR to keep working deep into the old concrete or mortar so you can simply wash it away.