How to remove and dissolve concrete or cement from trucks?

STEP 1 Spray It On

Elora’s Concrete Remover is a SAFER more effective way to remove and dissolve concrete or cement from your trucks, premix trucks, ready mix trucks or aggy’s.

Because Elora’s Concrete Remover foams on to your truck there is minimal waste. As soon as the product comes in contact with concrete or cement it starts to work right away, breaking it down, turning it to mud, so it can be easily washed away.

Once the product is applied just let it sit for 5 to 10 and then rinse it away. Elora’s concrete remover is made up of organic acid salt, versatile surfactants, and advanced rust inhibitors.

There is no longer wasted product from the typical brush and broom application and no wastage from spilled or forgotten product and no more wastage from spilled or forgotten product.

STEP 2 Wash It Off

Simply wash the product away with water. Elor’s concrete remover is biodegradable, and is fine in your recycled water holding areas.

If you want a clean and well maintained fleet, you need to provide drivers with a product that they are willing and happy to use.

Notice how the majority of the concrete build up and cement dust is gone.

Elora’s Concrete Remover is priced on par per litre compared to convectional hydrochloric acid-based products. Elora offers a superior product plus free installation and use of our patented foaming application system, fortnightly system and consumption checks, along with replacement parts for general wear and tear.

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Watch the video for a full demonstration.