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Sustainable Environmental Future

Lynx Innovative Cleaning Solutions is dedicated to the environment longevity and sustainability. Reducing our carbon foot print is the motivation behind releasing into the market a product which is biodegradable, organic and green.

Make the switch today to an organic cleaning solution, to support a sustainable future.

Safety has always been our number 1 goal when we designed this product. Through extensive research we have designed and produced one of the safest alternatives to hydrochloric acid.

Lynx 6799 is made up of an organic salt solution mixed in such a way that concrete is easily removed with consistent use, it’s the concrete cleaning solution of the future.

The conventional method used in the Australian market at the moment is hydrochloric acid, whilst this is effective and cheap, it is harmful to those using it and the environment.  Lynx Innovative Cleaning Solutions has developed a more effective solution for concrete removal with a competitive price tag which is environmentally and user friendly.


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